Prepare for Winter with Scot Truck Forklifts

The days are shorter and darker, and the weather is colder: it’s clear that winter has arrived and will be with us for a while longer yet.

The change in temperature and weather conditions may affect the reliability and operation of forklift trucks, warehouse equipment and the safety of those operating them.

It’s important to make sure you are prepared for winter, so we have provided you with five top tips for ensuring the safe operation of trucks during this time

1/ Call the Scot Truck Forklifts service team

Winter demands extra maintenance, starters, chokes and other operating components take a beating in the wintertime. Arrange to have your fleet checked and prepared for the winter season and avoid downtime.

2/ Keep on top of your daily simple maintenance checks.

Safety should be paramount to any operation. Each shift should always start with a series of daily checks to ensure that all equipment is safe to operate. Ensure you follow the supplier’s recommended daily/weekly checks as outlined in the operator’s manual.

3/ Forklift protection

Make sure your forklift is fully equipped for the winter months. If forklifts do not have cabs make sure you get a forklift cover and ensure your forklift is equipped with the right tyres for winter use. It is also important to consider the lighting on the truck; poor visibility may mean that bulbs need to be changed.

4/ Forklift operation

Whilst operating the forklift, drive carefully and only go as fast as the conditions will allow. Ensure good visibility, make sure front and rear lights are used, screens are clean, and wipers are operational and in good condition. If conditions prevent you from working safely, stop working.

5/ Check your operating environment

In addition to the equipment, we also advise our customers to check their working environment as snow, ice or heavy rainfall can hide visibility of potential hazards.

If you would like to book a winter service or need advice on how to prepare for winter, please feel free to call us on 01698 753010 or email