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Founded in 1958 Heli is now one of the world largest materials handling manufacturers. Annually over 142,000 units are sold globally meaning Heli currently lies 7th in the list of the world’s Forklift Truck suppliers.


Heli Forklift Trucks are a manufacturer synonymous with reliability, quality and affordability. Supplied with a full long term warranty our range comprises of over 80 models in varying lift capacities together with a range of mast sizes and types.

With over 142,000 units per year sold within the global market Heli currently lies 7th in the list of Forklift Truck manufacturers total output and is rapidly climbing this prestigious table.

Pallet Trucks & Stackers

The Heli range of pedestrian pallet trucks and stackers offer unrivalled value. With lift capacities from 1000kg to 2000kg and a number of available options there is sure to be a Heli for your operation.

Reach Trucks

The Heli CQD reach truck range has been redesigned and will maintain the highest standards of safety, productivity, driveability and durability, to drive down cost in your business.