Forklift Focus – Heli Warehouse Machines

With over 142,000 units per year sold within the global market Heli currently lies 7th in the list of Forklift Truck manufacturers total output and is rapidly climbing this prestigious table.

Founded in 1958 Heli is now one of the world largest materials handling manufacturers. Annually over 142,000 units are sold globally meaning Heli currently lies 7th in the list of the world’s Forklift Truck suppliers.

Heli Forklifts

The product is made under strict ISO9001 certification standards within one of the largest and most technologically advanced forklift manufacturing facilities and produces materials handling equipment ranging from 1 to 32 ton capacity, in over 80 model variations.

Many are aware of the HELI forklift heritage but did you know that they also manufacture a complete range of quality affordable warehouse machines?

If you are looking for pallet trucks, stackers or reach trucks HELI offer an affordable option. With an extensive model line up there is sure to be a HELI warehouse truck to suit your application and budget. Below we have highlighted just a few popular models.

Heli powered pallet rucks

The AC Powered CBD20-150 Powered Pallet Truck represents outstanding reliability at an affordable price. It has both the strength and durability of many higher capacity models on the market meaning it is ideal for busy environments such as logistics and warehouse operations.

Heli electric pallet stackers

The CDD14-920 range of pedestrian stackers are a compact alternative to other machines where space or even budget is an issue. This operator friendly 1200kg model offers a reliable and competitively priced mechanical handling solution.

Heli reach trucks

The Heli CQD reach truck range has been redesigned and will maintain the highest standards of safety, productivity, driveability and durability, to drive down cost in your business. This product has become increasingly popular with warehouse and distribution operations, ideally designed for working in racking and lifting to high levels and for storing fast moving products in as little space as possible. The CQD20-GB2S, CQD20-GC2S & CQD16-GB2S are available now.