Planned Maintenance Agreements

Servicing a materials handling fleet at the optimal time will result in an increase in productivity and decrease in costs.

Both under-servicing and over-servicing a forklift is a common practice which results in unnecessary spending for businesses.

Under-servicing a forklift can allow for issues to manifest and multiply, originating from one part requiring replacing to multiple parts which are not only more costly because of the part requirements but it also increases the amount of labour costs resulting in a far more fiscal process than what should occur.

Over-servicing can result in unnecessary costs due to the machines lack of requirements. Organisations can outlay more than they should for machines that have a longer period of productivity than is being estimated. Over-servicing is not only unnecessary but also a costly mismanagement of the fleet. It also results in more downtime of the operations which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Monitoring the usage of each piece of equipment in a fleet should always be undertaken. Whether the customer or service provider is doing the monitoring, the details of service levels and costs should be outlined in any service contract—as well as provisions for changes over the course of the agreement.

A strategic Planned Maintenance plan for your fleet is one way you can ensure downtime is minimised and servicing at the optimal time is always conducted.

Here at Scot Truck Forklifts we offer a comprehensive range of planned service and maintenance agreements tailored to the customers requirements. Contracts can be arranged for a single forklift or an entire fleet of machines from multiple manufacturers.

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