Why Choose Scot Truck Forklifts as your Lift Truck Partner

One of the most important factors to consider when seeking a forklift dealer is the future relationship with them.

This might not be the case if you plan to just hand over a pile of cash for a forklift and then walk off forever. But you are far more likely to be analysing any prospective lease or purchase in the context of your company’s larger immediate and long-term material handling equipment needs.

At one level leasing or buying a forklift is a basic business transaction. But in most cases, you will want to have an ongoing relationship with your material handling equipment provider. And, as in any relationship, you’ll want to look for a partner who puts some effort into understanding your needs.

A dealer that is focused on your unique equipment and warehouse work flow challenges will have expert staff trained to offer insight into more efficient ways of doing business and skilled service technicians who’ll develop hands-on knowledge about the condition of your forklift and/or your entire fleet.

Some factors you may wish to consider when choosing a forklift dealer include: 

  • Company history and reputation
  • Wide diversity of products and services offered
  • Top-notch team of service technicians
  • Fast availability of quality parts
  • Solid selection of planned maintenance program options
  • Commitment to superlative customer service

Word of mouth is invaluable when assessing the reputation of a forklift dealer. It can also be helpful to ask prospective dealers to provide you with references, so you can talk to other businesses that have worked with them to gain a better understanding of how responsive they are after the sale.

Outstanding customer service is also a powerful indicator of a well-run company, so pay attention to that first contact and subsequent interactions. When you called to ask for information, were you greeted by a friendly, professional voice?

As you learn more, you may find value in teaming up with a forklift dealer that offers a full range of fleet services, as this can eliminate delays, logistical problems and wasted time.

Dealers that specialise not just in forklift equipment sales but also in material handling solutions make it their mission to become knowledgeable about your business needs and challenges, because minimising downtime and maximizing efficiency is absolutely imperative.

The experienced team at Scot Truck Forklifts, have been working closely with customers to find the best equipment and storage solutions for many years.

We’re conveniently located to service customers throughout the Central Scotland and have a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers.

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